Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Immediate Future

We're attempting to do some work with the Northwest Agricultural Business Center to help us get into both Central and Metropolitan Markets within the region. After that, we'd like to get into Whole Foods if we can and then continue to grow from there.

Wish us luck...

New Store

We got our stuff into a wine shop called Vino Amore in Freeland WA over on Whidbey Island. Nice place and good people from what I see. As of that store, that put's us at 55 storefronts in five different states. As of this time last year, we were in 4 stores and pretty happy with that.

Not bad for a year's work...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Greetings from Frawg N' Turtle

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you a brief overview of who we are, and where we are headed, as a company. My wife Laura and I are located in Everett/Lake Stevens WA, and have been selling sauce a little over 18 months now. We are steadily growing and are looking for new ventures to expand our business.

We currently have four sauce-based products that we sell (with more on the way) and they are all apple butter-based--Original Apple BBQ, Hickory Apple BBQ, Original Apple Mustard and Hot N' Horsey Apple Mustard. We pride ourselves on being a “Made in Washington” company, right down to the Gala apple from Eastern WA that is used to make Laura’s apple butter, which is our 5th product.

Since April of 2007, we have done numerous trade shows all the way from Port Townsend to Ft Worth, Texas. Along the way, we've managed to pick up several national-level awards as well.

We decided that starting a blog would be a great way to meet other entrepreneurs as well as promote our products. We also want to use this forum as a place to post recipes, as well as solicit recipe ideas from other bloggers and customers alike. We look forward to this venture.

Check us out at www.frawgnturtle.com

Just a couple of reptiphibian gypsies...

Kevan N' Laura Kipp